Jun 282013
New leaked photos of an unreleased Apple device have made their way to the internet and if the device is the iPhone 5S it could be released a lot sooner than most experts anticipated.

iPhone 5

Click here to see the leaked photos.

As you can see, the photos appear to have been taken at an Apple assembly plant and the device seems to be in the final stages of preparation. Apple has not confirmed nor denied the photos are of the iPhone 5S, but if so, a release may not be that far off the horizon.

In the photos a redesigned flex cable connectors can be seen, and on the device itself, the two connectors supporting the display and the touch digitizer are both oriented horizontally.

Nothing major can be confirmed from the photos other than the fact that the phone has made its way to the assembly line already.

The common belief is Apple will wait to release their next phone until the fall when it can be paired with iOS 7. If phones are already making their way to manufacturing lines, it wouldn’t be crazy to think the next device could come in August instead.

Back in May MacRumors.com reported that the company would begin “ramping up production” of the iPhone 5S displays in June, which coincides with the leaked photos.

Apple CEO confirmed earlier this year that users shouldn’t expect a significantly larger screen for their next device as Apple won’t even consider significantly larger displays for at least another year. This fact also matches up with the leaked photos which appear to be rather similar to the iPhone 5 in terms of size.

Earlier this week snapshots were leaked to the web showing what the device’s interior may look like.

A noticeably larger battery capacity, dual-LED flash, and a next-gen A7 processor can all be seen in the photos. Apple has yet to confirm any of these features officially as of press time.

Source: iPhone 5S Release Date: New Phone Expected This October, Leaked Assembly Line Pics Show Redesigned Device (PHOTOS) : Auto World News by Matt Mercuro

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